Motorized / Electric Blinds & Shades Home Automation Systems Los Gatos

Smart high-precision automated control of shades / blinds provides exceptional style and privacy. Smart Home Security System installs motorized blinds in Los Gatos luxury homes.

Are you thinking about installing motorized window treatments in your luxury penthouse, apartment that uses full automation controls for smart shading solutions such as draperies, shades, blinds, awnings and rolling shutters? Smart Home Security System offers upscale homeowners automated shading options from innovative smart window powering brands such as Lutron, Somfy, Savant, Hunter Douglas and Savant that control the sunlight, regulate heat and cold exchanges, and increase the privacy for your unique Los Gatos City modern high-rise apartment space. These window coverings are also sometimes referred to as modern smart blinds, electric blinds/shades, automatic shades and remote control shades. Elegant designer smart control window treatments that can be adjusted seamlessly with touch and voice control. And yes most people think of having motorized shades installed in Los Gatos as a luxury, but once you’ve tried them it’s hard to live without them.

Why Motorized blinds and Shades are becoming popular home automation solutions for Los Gatos homes?


Custom motorized blinds and automated roller shades have gained tremendous popularity over the last few years as modern window treatment solutions in the smart home product categories. For example, Savant, which has expanded its designer window shade offerings to include additional bracket styles along with new low-voltage power modules and enclosures are engineered to enhance wiring efficiencies and affordability.

These types of shades are precision engineered to deliver minimal light gap and quiet, flawless and smooth operation. And the options come in sleek and stylish aesthetics, and make your life a lot more convenient and simpler. Many conventional manual window shades, blinds and curtains depend on cords for opening and closing them, but when you have children or pets, cords create a safety risk. Even when little ones aren’t a concern, cords tend to tangle and can cause a tripping hazard.Even though they are not the cheapest option when compared with other kinds of blinds, motorized blinds are worth the investment because they offer superior advantages that no other window treatment covering can deliver. Simple and elegant design exposes no wires or motors to the eye.

Control Your Space

Let one Smart Home Security System certified shading automation consultants help you design your next project. We offer smart home solutions for motorized blinds, shades, and awnings.

Motorized Window Treatment Benefits

Light control at your fingertips

Motorizing your window coverings is an easy way to simplify your daily routines and one of the many ways we make quality time last longer so you can get back to what matters most. shade control

These blinds can be controlled via smartphone apps, from Lutron, Savant, Somfy or Apple HomeKit (including speaking to Siri and using the Apple Watch app). By integrating them with other existing smart home automation systems you can control them by speaking to the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Los Gatos Smart Home Window shade automation Integrators

We not only install your home automated motorized shades, blinds or curtains, we take care of associated tasks, like wall patching and repainting. We leave you with motorized window treatments, expertly installed and ready to use. Whether you choose remote control, wall switches, keypads or any smart phone wireless system, our Smart Home Security System smart integration installers will have the system set up efficiently and correctly. And with no mess left behind.

Our Electric and motorized shading installation services include:

  • Remote controls
  • Keypads
  • Hard­wired wall switches
  • Installing automated systems from leading brands, including Savant Hunter­Douglas, Somfy and Lutron
  • Controls using infrared and radio frequency technology



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