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Retractable Awnings in Los Gatos

As humans, we always find a way to make our environment more comfortable for us. We regulate our heating and cooling systems to produce the level of comfort we desire indoors. We get even more creative outdoors. We either make use of sun shades in summer or we wear warm clothes in winter.

However, what about our general and immediate outdoor spaces? Particularly building extensions like doorways and windows? How do we give these spaces rooflike shelter and protect ourselves and furniture from the sun’s bleaching effect? How do we make these spaces more conducive and comfortable for us? That is where awnings come to the rescue–especially a retractable awning. Retractable awning options are often chosen because they give room for more flexible control of our immediate surroundings. Awnings create a great outdoor relaxation and viewing area.

Retractable awning options are becoming more common in use by home and business owners across the states for protecting patio, desk, or outer space for personal and business use. Over the years, they have proven to be cost-effective in maintenance and durability. They have also proven to retain their qualities while serving their functions.

What is an awning?

An awning is a rooflike extended sheet set above an outdoor space. It is used to provide shade or shelter from the effects of sun–and at times from a light rain shower. Some awnings are permanently fixed without being retractable, while some awnings are retractable.

Aside from being used primarily as a shade or drapes for shelter function, awnings are also used as signage by business owners.

Different Types of Awning Options

There are different types of awnings, and they are:

Are custom awnings and canopies the same?

Both awnings and canopies are used for providing shade in a particular section of outdoor space and they are used interchangeably by some people.

However, they are not similar. They differ in these areas:

Importance of Having an Awning

Awnings have many benefits, but the major benefit of them–which is considered the most important–is how effective they can be in controlling the amount of sunlight that reflects on a particular place and the level of protection that they can provide against the elements of the weather.

What is a Retracting Awning?

Retractable awning options are foldable, stretched covers that are installed on buildings that provide shade for individuals underneath while protecting them from exposure to sunlight and rain showers. Retractable awning options are also referred to as foldable awnings.

Types of Retractable (Retracting) Awning Options

There are two kinds of retractable awning options, although they may have other types. The two categories of retractable awning options are:

We have these two categories because of the evolving technology in manufacturing them to suit consumers’ demands.

Hand-operated Retractable Awning

This set of awnings are manually operated by hand by using a crankshaft. The shaft is used to retract or extend the awning with little effort. As such, there is no need for any electrical connection. This is considered less expensive than the motorized retractable awning and has certain benefits over it.

For instance, it will remain operational when there is a power outage. You will be able to retract and extend it even when there is no power supply. Likewise, the installation is less technical compared to the motorized kind.

Automatic Retractable Awning

The major distinguishing factor is the automation of the operations. With a single push of a button, you can choose to either shield yourself away from the sun or enjoy the warm embrace of the evening. However, homeowners have a preference for the motorized retractable awning because of the convenience and the appealing appearance. This appearance complements the house modern designs when compared to a manual retractable awning.

As a result of the categorization above, the other types of retractable awning options that are in use are stated below. These awnings are used based on the options available to you for home purpose or commercial purpose; options such as:

The different types of retractable awnings that you can use are:

Benefits of the Retracting Awning

Installing retractable awnings in your open and/or available space has a lot of benefits, but a few will be listed below.


Retractable awning options are considered to be more durable due to the fabric materials used as covering sheets and their components that are not constantly exposed to the weather elements. They are not susceptible to destruction and fading compared to the fixed awning.

Property protection

Retractable awning options are capable of protecting your furniture, carpets, and rugs from fading off their original color due to rain or snow.

Enhanced appearance appeal

Custom-made awnings have been proven to enhance the magnificence of architectural designs into serving the primary purpose of awnings. The different kinds of colors and styles of retractable awnings give an architectural complement to structural designs. The appealing appearance also attracts customers to your business.

Health protection

Aside from that, your property and health will be protected when you have awnings installed. It will also protect you from other predisposed skin and eye infection due to increased ultraviolet rays that are harmful to you and, especially, your children.

Reduced heat regulation cost

If you are always worried about the cost of heat regulation in your home or business outlet spaces, awnings are designed such that they reduce the rate of heat generation by 77% (seventy-seven percent). This also helps your air conditioner to run smoothly thereby cutting down your utility bill.

Zero commitment

You don’t have to be committed to having an awning. A retractable awning provides you with the capacity to have a temporary shed when you need it. The only thing it will demand of you is a pull or single button push provided that it is a manual retractable awning or a motorized retractable awning.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Retractable (Retracting) Awning

Knowing the best retractable awning is good for making purchasing decisions; however, that alone is not enough. There are other factors you must put into consideration when deciding the kind of retractable awning you want to use during installation.

Below are some of the factors you should consider when deciding on the type of retractable awning that is best for your needs.


The first and most important factor you must consider is the kind of building you want to install retractable awnings on, the purpose that the building serves, and the type of retractable awnings you want to install. The type of awning that fits the home environment might not be the best for a business’s surrounding.


This is the second most important factor you must consider when selecting the kind of retractable awning to use. This is because your awning will be exposed to harsh environmental conditions like sun rays, wind, and rain. As a result, your awning material must be extremely tough.

Examples of materials that are used in retractable awning are:


It is the most commonly used material in awning making. It is made of cotton, and can sometimes contain hemp. Its durability is better indoors compared to when used outdoors. This is because it is vulnerable to the weather elements which it constantly gets exposed to. Although it is very flexible, its disadvantage comes from its deterioration because it is prone to mildew and ultraviolet deterioration.


This is rarely used in awning installation. Although you will find it being used in combination with canvas. That is, the canvas is coated with acrylic paint. This makes it resistant to ultraviolet rays and moisture. It also makes it tougher.


This is a synthetic material and it is less in use because it easily breaks down. Also, its vulnerability to tears is high. It is flexible and water-resistant because it is a plastic material.

However, it can retain the water content when exposed to a long period of moisture.


When you observe awnings around you closely, you will realize that this is also commonly used in them. This is because it is very cheap for both manufacturers and consumers.

It is durable because it is water-resistant and ultraviolet resistant. It also retains little to no water.


This is another factor you should consider when selecting the kind of retractable awning you want to install. Designs can be in the form of colors and/or how it can complement the building you want to attach it to.

Although you can be given the option of mixing different colors to enhance its elegance–often, you will be presented with either just one color or two colors.


This factor relates to the one discussed above–you must be sure of where you want to place the awning for you to decide the size of the awning you want to use. For instance, the size of the awning you want to use to cover your window will not be the same size of awning you will use for a patio or larger space.

The ideal practice here is to measure the area you want to cover and get protected from the weather elements. This will help you to efficiently evaluate the space, this therefore makes size procurement and installation easier.


While you are considering every other factor, durability should be a big factor. Your retractable awning will constantly get exposed to weather elements such as ultraviolet rays and rain or mildew, for a prolonged time–so a durable material is essential.

Purchase Cost

With every product that you want to buy as a consumer, one important thing you will consider first is your budget.

The first thing to note is that the more expensive a retractable awning is, the higher the quality of the retractable awning. Although you may want to purchase the less expensive one, you should keep in mind that it will be more expensive in the long run because you will have to bear the cost of repairs at frequent intervals.

Operation Mechanism

The retracting mechanism of your retractable awning can either be automatic or manual. Your choice depends on what you prefer. However, bear in mind that while convenience comes with using automatic or motorized retractable awning, there are technical and repair issues that may arise.

While it is easier to operate motorized retractable awnings, please note that manual retractable awning requires little effort to operate also.

Warranty and/or Guaranty

You want to consider the warranty available for the awning you choose to purchase. You do not want to spend money on any product which you won’t be able to have quick access to the manufacturer should something go wrong with the product.

A good awning company will offer you a warranty for the product you are purchasing from them.



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