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    Turn lights on or off and dim or brighten them from anywhere, inside or outside your home, without running any new wires! It’s possible with powerline or RF/wireless control.
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    Program indoor and outdoor lights to turn on and off according to a schedule or event.
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    Program entire lighting scenes with one button push. For example, a keychain remote can initiate your “At Home” security mode and lighting scene, so you never again have to drive up to a dark home. Or your “Home Theater” scene might dim your lights, close the drapes, turn on entertainment components, and start the popcorn maker!
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    Control your lights and appliances with light sensors. If it gets dark, lights turn on and then off again a few hours later. When it gets light, automatically turn on your coffee pot and even your hair curlers.
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    Sensors turn on outdoor lights when someone approaches. Turn on house lights when you’re driving up the driveway with a keychain remote.

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