Video and Cameras in Los Gatos

Best Video and Cameras in Los Gatos

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    Monitor your home with surveillance cameras. Choose from cameras that see in the dark, large and small cameras, bullet, dome and hooded cameras, and hidden cameras! Some are even wireless!
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    View your home from any computer over the Internet from any PC or smart phone.
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    Install a camera at the door to see who’s knocking.
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    Time lapse and digital video recorded keep a log of what goes on around your home.
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    Send wireless TV, VCR and video surveillance.
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    Monitors let you watch different areas of the house, like the pool area or nursery. Simple modulators even allow you to watch the video on your TV.


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    Structured wiring systems connect all of your home systems in one central location. Also known as a “connected home,” wire management systems include a control panel in a centralized location and high-quality wire connecting to multi-media outlets throughout your home.
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    Create your own hot spot. In-wall or in-ceiling wireless access points provide the greatest Wi-Fi coverage with pleasing aesthetics.
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    A structured wiring system can distribute the fastest, most reliable high-speed Internet throughout your home. These hard-wired connections give you crystal clear streaming video, hi-fi digital audio, reliable online gaming and blazing Internet.

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