HOME SECURITY Los Gatos in Los Gatos

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    You’ll get peace of mind knowing your family is protected with a security system. Security systems include control panels, keypads, sensors, sirens, locks, lights, access control and more. You can choose an integrated wired system or an easy-to-install wireless system.
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    Control your locks remotely or from your cell phone.
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    Sirens scare away intruders, and notify neighbors and authorities of burglary or fire.
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    Protect your family and home from fire with advanced smoke detectors that talk to your security or automation system.

SENSORS detect motion, temperature, light and more. Their uses in automation are almost endless ...

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    Perimeter sensors alert you when a person crosses your property line.
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    Motion sensors can be installed on walls, on ceilings, in light switches, outdoors and mor.
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    Incorporate door and window sensors into your security system, and use them as automation sensors when you are at home.
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    Glass break sensors alert your security system when a window is broken.
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    Be alerted when people arrive.
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    Light sensors know when it’s light or dark. If it gets dark, lights turn on and then off again a few hours later.
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    Flood sensors know if the washer or water heater breaks, and can even automatically shut off the water supply before a potential disaster.
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    Driveway alerts let you know when visitors arrive.

Los Gatos,CA 14850 Oka Rd, 17