• 24
    Protect your computer, phone, fax and cable line connections with suppression plug strips.
  • 23
    Protect your entire house with whole-house surge suppressors.
  • 12
    Fine-tune your X10 system with signal amplifiers, signal bridges and noise blocks.


Entertainment will never be the same once you upgrade to a smart home audio system.

  • 40
    Distribute music from one location throughout your entire home with a whole-home distribution system.
  • 39
    Control speaker volume in each room individually or all at the same time.
  • 38
    Choose from in-wall speakers, ceiling speakers, surround sound, subwoofers and more! Make outdoor entertainment fun with outdoor speakers.
  • 38
    Don’t want to run wires throughout your home? Home Controls carries wireless audio distribution systems, too! Ideal for renters.
  • 37
    Expand your home theater system with HDMI and IR distribution components.


  • 36
    Transform your regular phone into a high-tech telecommunications system for your home.
  • 35
    Easily integrate your cell phone with your home phone.
  • 34
    Answer the door from any of your telephones, including cell phones.
  • 33
    Install an intercom system to talk with your family located in different parts of the house.
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